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Sue Boswell

Sue Boswell and Shon

Sue Boswell and Sheik


As long as I can remember I have been an artist. My mother entered some of my drawings in the Pomona, California fair when I was in Kindergarten, and she was always the support and inspiration for me to express my creative side. My love of art comes from my appreciation of nature and love of life itself.

Early on, I would sit outside and sketch my surroundings. I was very much into portraits and animal drawings, and would sell sketches of The Beatles to classmates while in high school. I started in watercolors in my early twenties and also spent some time painting with oils. I often worked at my office job during the day, and then sit at my easel until the wee hours of the morning painting.

I took a break in painting to spend the next twenty years drawing in pencil, pastels and charcoal. But when I started back into watercolors I knew that I was home at last and my destiny was to paint. I made a promise to myself to never stop again. The reward of expression through color is the ultimate in satisfaction of my creative spirit. I sometimes spend months mentally composing each painting. I once spent days visiting and studying a giraffe at a local refuge in preparation for the original of three giraffes in Africa for an Idaho Senator. I also spent several days studying the behavior of grizzly bears at the Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine – Grizzly Bear Research Center to prepare for my painting of a “Silver Grizzly”.  In 2009, I did the graphic illustration for a book cover for a local author in Idaho. Then, in 2010, following months of study and preparation, I painted the elusive Snow Leopard from photographs taken by wildlife photographer, Steve Winter.      

My latest work includes Tigers Forever (painted with permission from photo by wildlife photographer, Steve Winter), Elephant Land - the journey, the Yellowstone Timber Wolf, and a mystical rendition of my beautiful palomino horse, Shon. “Shon’s Dream” is on display at the Idaho Equine Hospital, in Nampa, Idaho.   


At the age of five years, Sue Boswell’s artwork was entered in the county fair at Pomona, California. Since these early years, her life has been clearly marked with a passion for creative expression. Sue grew up in Southern California and completed Art Instruction School in her teens. She also lived in England and Wyoming and has travelled extensively. She has earned awards at art shows and fairs, and has sold her work throughout the western states and Louisiana. Sue has been doing commissioned artwork for the past seventeen years, and currently resides in Idaho on her property in the country. Sue has raised and trained horses for nearly 40 years and this passion for animals is a continuous inspiration for her artwork.

Mountains, ocean, and wildlife are among her favorite subjects. She started early on with pencil, pastels and charcoal. Sue has painted using oils, watercolors, and acrylic. At this time watercolors is her preferred medium. Using an extensive amount of pigment to bring out extreme color depth is her trademark. Her technique combines realism and impressionism creating an almost mystical experience. The end result is a watercolor with extreme concern for detail.

You are invited to enjoy the “gentle” world expressed through the unique art of Sue Boswell. A collection of Sue’s work is found among notable artists in the western USA,“Artists of the West”: a book which features over 130 artists from around the northwest. In addition to the original painting of Giraffes, “Above it All” for Idaho Senator Dean Summers; her work includes original paintings which hang at the home of Professor Dr. James Cardelli at LSU, and at other homes and businesses locally.


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